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ITIL ® Practitioner: Enabling Critical Competencies


This is a new 3 day course introduced to the official ITIL certification program. See the ITIL certification scheme for more details.


This is not your typical ITIL course!

Specific ITIL processes are not discussed during the agenda. Instead, focus is given to teaching you the management and business skills needed to apply a “fit for purpose” approach for implementing ITIL concepts.

Other ITIL courses teach the “what” you have to know, and not the “how” to implement. It is important to understand that knowledge of ITIL good practices alone does not guarantee the success of IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives. ITIL practices need to be “Adopted” and “Adapted” to the specific circumstances and requirements of the organization. But how is this done? How do you ensure that your ITSM approach will deliver real business value? And, how can changes and improvements be sustained over time with minimum risk and the highest likelihood of success? To answer these important questions, the course focuses on:

  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI), and what it really means to apply the CSI model.
  • Organizational Change Management, and how to lead and manage the all-important people side of change.
  • Communications, and how to develop effective awareness and communication plans so that all stakeholders benefit.
  • Measurements & Metrics, and how to apply a true business perspective.

In addition, this course introduces the Guiding Principles critical to embedding a CSI culture, specifically:

  • Focusing On Value – as determined by the customer.
  • Designing For Experience – ensuring the customer and user experiences with IT services are positive.
  • Starting From Where You Are – leveraging what you already have and resisting the temptation to “start from scratch”.
  • Working Holistically – integrating hardware and software, data, processes, architectures, metrics, tools, people and partners.
  • Progressing Iteratively – defining short-term wins and delivering the large, valuable outcomes through small, easier-to-manage activities.
  • Observing Directly – basing decisions on accurate and relevant data by going to the source.
  • Being Transparent – to avoid resistance to change and foster trust.
  • Collaboration – getting the right people involved in the right ways.
  • Keeping It Simple – by eliminating activities that do not add value.

Participants will receive a toolkit that includes relevant references from existing ITSM and ITIL publications, worksheets, templates, case studies and scenarios, and recommended value-added reading.


24 horas

Créditos y PDU’s

  • 3 de créditos de ITIL®.




  • Presencial.
  • On-Line
  • Nocturno (6:00 pm. a 10:00 pm.)


This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the ITIL Practitioner Certificate.

  • A 2 hour 15-minute exam is scheduled on the last day of the course.
  • The exam is open book and the “ITIL® Practitioner Guidance” publication is allowed for reference during the exam.
  • The exam consists of multiple choice questions based on a scenario. Sample exams/case scenarios will be used during the course for practice.
  • A passing mark of 70% is required to achieve certification.
  • On successful completion of the exam you will attain 3 ITIL credits towards the 22 credits needed for ITIL Expert certification.

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Características de los cursos

  • Más de 100 diferentes cursos programados.
  • Ubicadas y cómodas instalaciones.
  • Interacción con otras personas y otras problemáticas.
  • Enfoque completo en el curso.
  • Incluye comidas y estacionamientos.
  • Programados en las fechas que más le convengan.
  • En la comodidad de sus instalaciones.
  • Ahorre hasta un 35%.
  • Ahorre tiempo de su personal.
  • Trabajo en equipo con sus colaboradores.
  • Alineación a problemáticas de su organización.
  • Interacción en tiempo real.
  • Económico, rápido, cómodo y fácil.
  • Desde la comodidad de su hogar u oficina.
  • Manual de trabajo en pdf.
  • Herramientas rápidas, funcionales y amigables.


  • Acceso a través de laptop, desktop o tablet.
  • Conexión de Internet 384 kbps.
  • Compatible MAC o PC.
  • Diadema con audífonos y micrófono integrado.
  • Examen en línea.